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Adobe! Cooperation Between Adobe CC and Wine Development Team?

I am very hopeful to have a response from Adobe to this suggestion, please hear me out?

It goes without saying and likely has been said a million times before, that many wish for Adobe CC's suite to be available on Linux.

** I understand Adobe's position on this and I'm not seeking to change that. **

Enough people have asked in the past and there's no point asking again.

Adobe sees no financial motivation to support a platform that has such a small userbase, that's a 100% reasonable position for a financially motivated company to take.

The only problem is, that platform, Linux, has such a small userbase partially because Adobe doesn't support that platform. The Adobe CC suite is such an essential suite of software for so many people, that without it, a platform is dead in the water. Hence Linux is stuck in a catch 22 position, of not being able to grow it's userbase to get a port of Adobe's CC suite, because it doesn't have a port of Adobe CC.

Leaving Linux, up a creek without a paddle.

What I am suggesting is an alternative solution that could satisfy all parties.

A solution that allows Linux user's everywhere to pay for and use Adobe CC's suite on Linux (more customers is a good thing right Adobe?) and which requires no development work from Adobe, and no obligation to support Linux as a platform in any official capacity.

Wine, is a software tool that Adobe developers have no doubt heard of, as it's currently the only way which Adobe CC users can run Adobe CC on Linux. It's the tool that also powers Valve's tool Proton, and has improved so much in recent times that it's being used to allow Windows games to run on Linux.

It's incredible software and gets better by the time, the latest version is finally almost capable of running the Adobe CC suite, but just not quite there yet. The Adobe CC application itself, that manages installation of Adobe CC applications, can't not run, however many Adobe CC applications can *mostly* run with minor issues if that can be navigated around using hacky methods of copying installation files from Windows.

The Wine developers are always hard at work trying to improving Wine and get Adobe CC running, but it's a huge task. What would really help Wine's development team is something that they can't do themselves, but which Adobe could do with almost no effort.

> Having a look at Adobe CC's source code.

"Whoa now!" some of you might be saying, "Why would Adobe let anyone view the source code of Adobe CC?".

Here's what I'm proposal: Could Adobe make the offer to the Wine developers, to allow them to sign NDAs preventing them from sharing anything they are shown, and in exchange get to temporarily gain access to *relevant sections* Adobe CC's source, to view and review aspects of the code that are causing issues with Wine, and determine the root cause of why certain things don't function under Wine as they should. Wine's developers could even suggest *minor* changes that could be made that would ensure compatibility with Wine.

No actual development effort would be required from Adobe, no funding, no support, no testing, but in return for just a tiny bit of cooperation from Adobe CC , the entire suite could be made to function on Linux with almost no effort. This idea is actually similar to something Valve is currently doing with EasyAntiCheat, to get that software working with Proton, they are currently in talks right now and dealing with NDA issues as well.

I do not represent Wine's development team, but if Adobe is open to considering this idea, please response and indicate so, then perhaps Wine's team and Adobe's team could have a chat over this and see if some kind of agreement could be worked out?

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